La Red de Hospitales de Swiss Diagnosys. Le sugerimos una solución a su medida en los mejores centros hospitalarios de Europa
Swiss Diagnosys Network of Hospitals      
The most advanced and exclusive of Swiss medicine
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Our Network of Hospitals in Switzerland

Swiss Diagnosys network probably has the most exclusive medical staff to which any health institution could aspire. Swiss hospitals that are part of such network have managed to attract and train the world’s best professionals in their corresponding specialities. 

Hirslanden Private Clinics Group

Over the last twenty years, Hirsanden Hospitals Group has built for itself an excellent international reputation within the best and largest private groups in Europe. Together, they offer a wide range of specialities and an excellent clinical quality level. Moreover, Hirslanden attracts doctors and surgeons of exceptional quality from all over the world that take part in research projects and in the development of the coming generastion of medical technologies; a predictable situation taking into account the strong links created between Hirslanden medical centres and the Institutions devoted to pharmaceutical and biotechnological research.

Hirslanden group is also well-known for paying attention to patients’ personal preferences and for creating the necessary atmosphere for patients to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their stay.  

Hislanden Klinik (Aarau), Klinik Beau-Site (Bern), Klinik Permanence (Bern), Salem-Spital (Bern), AngreasKlinik Cham Zug, Klinik Am, Rosenberg (Heiden), Clinique Bois-Cerf (Lausanne), Clinique Cecil (Lausanne), Klinik St. Anna (Luzern), Klinik Birshof (Münchenstein Basel), Klinik Belair (Schaffhausen), Klinik Hirslanden (Zürich), Klinik Im Park (Zürich)