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The Hospital La Métairie

The Hospital La Métairie is the only private establishment in French-speaking Switzerland with a long history in the field of psychiatric problems. Located between Geneva and Lausanne on the banks of Lake Léman, the hospital has guaranteed continually modernised, quality health care for more than 150 years.

With a capacity of 75 beds, the hospital La Métairie is located in exceptional surroundings; a 7-hectare-large protected park. The historic buildings have all been recently renovated and offer both a high level of security and hotel comfort.

The units offer a general psychiatric programme and at the same time, each has developed specialised programmes in order to deal with certain particularly complex problems such as resistant or recurrent mood problems, incapacitating anxiety problems, post-traumatic stress, burnout, eating disorders and addictions.

The meetings with the psychiatric doctors are completed with follow-up care with a psychotherapist, either individually or in groups depending on the case, in order to help give a meaning to the patient's hospitalisation, to mobilise them and develop their own resources and competences.
The paramedical activities such as occupational therapy, art therapy, sport, theatre and balneotherapy round off an individual and all-round treatment.

An outpatient centre allows patients to continue their treatment intensively after a period of hospitalisation. The centre caters for both patients coming from outside the centre for specific treatment or diagnostic counselling.

A programme is in place with diverse approaches such as occupational therapy, emotion management groups, change motivation groups and self-affirmation groups with the objective of both personal and professional reinsertion. 

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