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Klinik Schloss Mammern (Mammern)

Klinik Schloss Mammern is located on Lake Constance in the Canton of Thurgau in the midst of an impressive landscape and 30 minutes from Zurich Airport.

The Acute Clinic for Internal Medicine, with integrated rehabilitation, treats the entire range of conditions covered by internal medicine, as well as in-patient post-operative treatment and serious illnesses. It provides all forms of rehabilitation as well as a number of prevention programmes. Indoor swimming pool.

Acute medicine: internal diagnostics and therapy with an emphasis on cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology and pulmonary diseases. Consultants for dermatology, neurology, orthopaedics, psychiatry and radiology.

Rehabilitation: individual or group  post-operative and severe disorder care  specializing in cardiology, rheumatology, orthopaedics, pneumology, gastrointestinal disorders as well as cancerous disorders.

The hospital, with its 125 beds, employs a staff of 230 and is located on the fully restored site of Mammern Castle, built in 1621, eradiating an impression of a first-class establishment. Six full-time internists, seven consultants and a team of experienced staff ensure professional care, comprehensive treatment and outstanding comfort.

Klinik Schloss Mammern
Dr. A.O. Fleisch-Strasse
CH-8265 Mammern
T +41 (0)52 742 11 11      
F +41 (0)52 742 16 11