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Klinik Schützen Rheinfelden (Rheinfelden)

The Schützen Rheinfelden Hospital is the leading private hospital in Switzerland for psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy. Its medical expertise is concentrated on the treatment of depression, burnout, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, psychosomatic stress disorders after cancer and psychosomatic disorders, especially in the second half of life.

The Schützen Rheinfelden Hospital is located on the edge of the historic quarter of Rheinfelden. It can be reached by car from Basel in just under 20 minutes and from Zürich in 45 minutes. Its linking of intensive, inpatient psychiatric-psychotherapeutic treatment with high-quality hotel style services is unique. This discrete private hospital setting has an enduring effect on the healing process.

The patient-centred, holistic and resource-oriented approach, the professional expertise of all members of staff, the intensive and specialised therapies offered and the proven therapy outcomes are the determining factors in the good reputation the hospital enjoys. Patients are involved in putting together individual therapy programmes. One of the hospital’s strengths lies in its interdisciplinary cooperation between specialist doctors in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and internal medicine and specialists from the fields of psychology/psychotherapy, physiotherapy, holistic therapy, art and music therapy, social counselling, nutritional advice, as well as nursing and care personnel.
In addition to the 90 inpatient beds, the Schützen Rheinfelden Hospital offers 12 places for day-case psychotherapy treatment in Rheinfelden and also runs outpatient facilities in Rheinfelden and at the Hirslanden Hospital in Aarau.

Schützen Hospital is a member of ‘Rheinfelden medical’, a marketing cooperation project for the four main Rheinfelden health service providers.


Bahnhofstrasse 19
CH-4310 Rheinfelden
T +41 (0)61 836 26 26      
F +41 (0)61 836 26 20