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Privatklinik Meiringen (Meiringen)

Privatklinik Meiringen lies in the Haslital in the heart of Switzerland. Due to its central location, the clinic is easily accessible from all directions. The Haslital is an area of outstanding natural beauty and at any season of the year, its picturesque mountain landscape is an uplifting sight to behold. Its magnificent scenery has lead this region to be included in the UNESCO “Jungfrau – Aletsch – Bietschhorn” World Natural Heritage site.

Privatklinik Meiringen treats people suffering from all kinds of mental disorders. Assessment, treatment, nursing care and supervision are based on the latest knowledge and thinking in psychiatric and clinical care.

Privatklinik Meiringen has become a leading name in two core specialist areas and can call upon its internationally acclaimed consultants and an officially recognised programme of therapy, which includes: the treatment of people with depressive illnesses, in particular exhaustion and burnout,  the treatment of addiction to alcohol and/or prescribed medication, the treatment of addiction to alcohol, cocaine or methamphetamine using the Prometa protocol, a therapy that reduces the craving for the drug and aims to normalise brain function.

Privatklinik Meiringen was founded in 1918 and offers 195 beds in a unique and beautiful environment. Patients are cared for by 33 doctors and psychologists and 177 nursing staff.

Postfach 612
CH-3860 Meiringen
T +41 (0)33 972 81 11      
F +41 (0)33 972 82 20