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Privatklinik Wyss (Münchenbuchsee)

Privatklinik Wyss is located a few minutes from the centre of Bern in the small village of Münchenbuchsee. The hospital is integrated into several houses, sympathetic in style to the village, and is surrounded by a large park with several publicly accessible animal enclosures. The beautiful view across the woods and fields reaches right to the Alps. 

The basis of our therapeutic treatment is always the respect for our patient, as an autonomous, independent individual. The therapeutic objective is the uncovering and fostering of personal capabilities and the discovery of new coping strategies. The security and self-confidence this brings about should lead to sustainable new pathways and roles in both private and business relationships. For this reason, it is important to include relatives and this is specifically encouraged in the form of joint discussions, within the scope of couples and family therapy, or in preparing the patient for his or her return to everyday life. Privatklinik Wyss also regularly holds information evenings for relatives. 

Privatklinik Wyss is a specialist hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy, offering all patient groups individual tailored treatments and specially integrated group programmes; in particular for depression, burnout, fear, obsessive/compulsive disorders, dependency disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic illnesses, psycho-oncology, psycho-logical illnesses of old age, pain management, sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders. The hospital also offers mother (father)/child hospitalisation, where a parent is suffering from a psychological disorder. Physician supervised psychological therapies are pplemented by primary nursing, music, painting and art therapy, body therapy, the promotion of fitness, arts and crafts workshops, a therapeutic discussion group and a group for the development of social skills.

Privatklinik Wyss was founded in 1845 and is, therefore, the longest-established private psychiatric hospital in Switzerland. Today, the hospital has 90 beds and enjoys a reputation as a modern psychiatric institution with the highest possible quality standards and exemplary accommodation and hotel style services. Thanks to its well-developed outpatient and day case services, patients can be offered a high level of aftercare.
Fellenbergstrasse 34
CH-3053 Münchenbuchsee
T +41 (0)31 868 33 33
F +41 (0)31 868 34 00