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¿What is Swiss Diagnosys?

Swiss Diagnosys is the clinic founded by MD Abril-Müller to help those who seek excellence as regards the management of their own health, those who want to have access to a high-quality second medical opinion and those who need advanced medical treatments. To do so, Swiss Diagnosys has a renowned network of hospitals and professionals in what is probably the world’s best health system.

Who is MD Abril-Müller? 

MD Abril-Müller studied Medicine in Madrid. Nowadays, he is the Chairman of the Official Association of Doctors of the Canton of Grisons, in Switzerland. He combines such activity with his duties as a doctor in various clinics in Switzerland and in Swiss Diagnosys. Being the Chairman of the Official Association of Doctors and having more than 17 years of professional experience have helped him design and create a network of hospitals and highly specialized medical collaborators. Such experience is the one he is offering now in Madrid through Swiss Diagnosys.

What medical specialities does Swiss Diagnosys cover?

In Swiss Diagnosys, we assess previous diagnosis and advise our patients about the options that the world’s most advanced medicine offers them. Swiss Diagnosys does not perform treatments, but advises you on the professionals and hospitals to which you should turn for your health to be in the best hands. Such advice covers almost all specialities, from the most innovative surgery to rehabilitation, together with the most conventional specialized treatments.

How much could a second medical opinion in Switzerland be?

Swiss hospitals to which you will turn through Swiss Diagnosys are private institutions, but unlike other countries, medical fees are regulated, even if they are private, by public health authorities. Thus, the cost of the treatment is usually below the cost of private medicine treatments in other countries. Besides, treatments are usually faster and more efficient, which cuts the costs related to hospital stays.

How long would it take me to go to Switzerland to obtain a new diagnosis?

The diffusion of the latest treatments among medicine professionals is infinitely slower than the mobility that patients have nowadays. If there is a suitable treatment anywhere in the world, it is much easier to go there than waiting for the knowledge and means to be implemented in our usual health system. Two prior appointments at Swiss Diagnosys’ clinic are usually enough. Afterwards, everything will be ready, if necessary, for you to go to Switzerland to undergo tests or receive the agreed treatment. There are several flights a day to Geneva, Basel and Zurich.

Can my medical insurance afford the costs of the appointment in Swiss Diagnosys? 

A good medical insurance usually covers the 80 or 90% of your medical costs, regardless of where those were incurred. Please contact your medical insurance. Swiss Diagnosys is also making agreements with professional associations and medical insurances to increase the audience base that may have access to Swiss medicine. 

What legal procedures do I need to carry out?  

None. You just need your DNI and the medical documents you will be given by Swiss Diagnosys.

Are visitors allowed in the hospital room? 

Admissions are usually much shorter, but as in any other place, and even if it is not necessary, relatives may be with patients throughout their hospital stay. However, as a general rule, relatives are not allowed to spend the night with the patient. Overnight care protocols are more complete and meticulous in Switzerland than in other countries, because the patient is not let under the supervision of a relative.

In which language can I communicate with my doctors in Swizterland?

Switzerland is a country with a wide range of official languages due to its history and geographical situation. It is advisable to speak or go with someone who speaks English, French, German or Italian. If you do not speak any of such languages, you will have to turn to a specialist who can speak your language. Swiss hospitals are used to receiving patients from all over the world and they have the necessary means to ensure that you and/or your relatives will always be in the best hands. 

Why are genetic tests necessary?

A simple genetic study enables us to take preventive actions to stop the development of those diseases to which we are prone because of our family ackground. In most cases, such genetic profiles are unknown, so having such information is essential to prevent diseases such as cardiovascular or tumour diseases. 

How is a genetic test carried out?

You just have to schedule an appointment with us. We'll evaluate your medical profile and obtain a sample of cells rubbing the inside of the cheek with a cotton bud (in some case we will also have to extract an small blod sample) that we will send to our laboratory in Switzerland. The test is carried out with absolute security and confidentiality in all and every of its stages.

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