Checkups. Un retrato preciso de su estado de salud es más que una necesidad, es su responsabilidad.
Swiss Diagnosys Checkups
A high-level program of checkups
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A checkup is the best investment in your own health. Regular checkups detect health problems in sufficient time to perform an efficient treatment and prevent more serious diseases.
Swiss Diagnosys Checkup is a program of checkups carried out in renowned medical centres that make up the best option to improve your general well-being and maintain your health. Our program covers all the posible assessments in order to achieve such goal. We offer you a complete network of clinics related to the Swiss Diagnosys Checkup program, with highly skilled experts and renowned centres within the Swiss health system.

The specific content of each checkup is determined according to the sort of patient, the risk factors, personal history and genetic profile. Swiss Diagnosys Checkup offers three frames as a basis to define the kind of tests that are to be performed.

Lo ideal es comenzar a realizarse chequeos a partir de los 35 años.

Being healthy is an essential requirement to enjoy a high quality life. Ideally, people should start undergoing checkups from the age of 35.