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Private hospitals in Switzerland manage to have patients with a higher level of satisfaction, also because hospital admission periods are shorter. Not only are we talking about highly efficient avant-garde diagnosis and treatments, but about hospitals designed to enable patients to have a complete and relaxing experience.

Click on the video displayed on the left to see the facilities of one of the clinics of Swiss Diagnosys network: Privatklinik Hohenegg.

paciente a
Alberto BS
Neurosurgery, 38 years old

If you do top-level sports, you may probably injure. It happened to me: I was diagnosed with a slipped disk. They advised me to stop playing tennis, a sport that I had done since I was eight years old. They did not advise surgery because its success “depended on a lot of factors” and the risk was not worthy. Thanks to MD Abril-Müller I decided to have an operation by MD Hausmann at Klinik Gut, one of the most renowned in Switzerland, where they treat professional sportsmen from all over the world. Three days later, I was back to home. I still play tennis at the same level I had always did.

paciente c
Isabel GN
Rehabilitation, 42 years old

My medical insurance covers 80% of the costs of treatments anywhere in the world. 
A year ago, I suffered a serious traffic accident where fortunately just one of my arms was injured. I work as a director at a renowned multinational company, and I needed to face everything with some calm. I did not want to combine my job and rehabilitation, so even if my case was not critical, they advised me to go to Bethesda hospital in Basel. Rehabilitation sessions were hard, but the attention, the surroundings and the facilities were those of a five-star hotel. There, I realized how nice and relaxing a hospital can be.

paciente b
Eduardo GB
Oncology, 76 years old

When I was diagnosed with a tumour in the liver, MD Abril-Müller advised me to undergo a robotic radiosurgery at Radiotherapie Hirslanden clinic. Thank God, even though my case was complex, not only because of my age, everything was perfect. I owe MD Abril-Müller and his team the calmness of knowing you are in the best hands and you have the most advanced technology: they helped me through that difficult situation. I never felt alone and both the nurses and doctors who treated me showed a professionalism and humanity that I had never seen before.

paciente d
Carmen NT
Cosmetic surgery, 49 years olds

Some time ago, I underwent surgery on the nose, though I was never completely satisfied with it. Unfortunately, it is something which happens, and as many other people, I did not want to go back to the operating theatre. MD Abril-Müller studied my case and he advised me to go to Klinik Seeschau, one of the most impressive places to which I have ever been. Not only did I enjoy the privacy that a situation like that required, but I also enjoyed a higher level of treatment than the one I could have ever imagined. I have felt particularly cared for and in a dream place. The result has been wonderful.