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Swiss Diagnosys and Doctor Nicolás Abril -Müller

Swiss Diagnosys is the Medical Centre founded by Dr. med. Abril-Müller to help those seeking excellence managing their own health, those who need a second medical opinion given by the best European specialists, and those who need medical treatment with all available resources and the most advanced technologies. Swiss Diagnosys partners with one of the best laboratories in Europe for genetic and biological analysis, and with a prestigious network of hospitals and professionals in what is probably the best healthcare system in the world.  

MD Nicolás Abril -Müller is a certified doctor with 17 years of professional experience. He graduated and specialized at the Complutense University in Madrid, and has practiced in different countries in Europe and America. Ten years ago, he settled in Switzerland, where he practises general medicine and internal medicine (FMA and FMH).

In Switzerland, he has had direct and close contact with the world’s best specialists, techniques and medical means. If there is a clear differential value to be stressed as regards MD Abril-Müller, it is:  "a solid and well-informed criteria about the most advanced medical options". Thus, he can offer a highly qualified advice to a wide range of patients, giving them a precise and personalized advice on the best solution.

MD Abril-Müller combines his occupation in various clinics in Switzerland and Spain with an active role in different international forums and seminars. He loves winter sports and avant-garde art.

Dr. med. Nicolás Abril-Müller
Swiss Health System

Speaking of the Swiss Health System is to speak of an excellent tradition dating back centuries that combines the most sophisticated treatments with the comforts of the best hotel and catering industry.

Pursuit of perfection, organised and efficient work, respect, competence, safety, security…: the Health System is one of the best examples of all the Values we relate to Switzerland. Besides, the Health System enriches itself through the collaboration of the world’s best specialists, who schedule long stays in Switzerland’s most renowned Clinics. Both patients and professionals who collaborate with and learn from them benefit from this. But there is more to the difference of this System with respect to others than the quality of its doctors. Service comes first in all senses, as the treatment is understood as a whole where every detail is important and contributes to a complete recovery. 

La clínica Swiss Diagnosys
Why Swiss Diagnosys?

Having a Second Opinion is always significant, at every level, in particular if such opinion also affects the most important thing: our health and well-being. It is essential to back it up such by a solid and well-informed opinion: the one Swiss Diagnosys offers you.

Behind every consultation, there is more than such knowledge capital, something essential: the real commitment and devoted commitment to Values. “To understand us, it is essential to highlight the Values that define us, Values that are reflected in everything we offer”.


“An opinion that is not affected by vested interests, contributes to reinforce the sureness that the decision that has been made is the one with the greatest chances of success. This is our case”. 


“Assuming the highest ethical standards in the practice of a profession does not only imply quality assurance, but something essential to find the most sought after reward: the trust of our customers”.



“We give every patient the sureness that both the diagnosis and the treatment the patient needs fits his/her personal needs. This always comes first”.



“Feeling interest in being aware of the latest advances and of everything that may help make a more accurate diagnosis is indispensable. Medicine is something where you never stop learning. Therefore, it is a vocation”.

Nueva Clínica en Madrid